Personal Values Test

A Test Which Gives You Your Own subconscious Mind Personal Values


MEANING OF VALUES • Help Society: Do something which contributes to improving the world we live in • Help Others: Be directly included in helping other people, either individually or in small groups • Work Ethics: Feeling satisfied from a job well done • Enjoyment of Life: Enjoying life, having fun in life • Honesty: Being able to tell people what I really think and believe; having them be honest with me. • Approval: Having other people like me • Competition: Engage in activities which pit my abilities against others • Make Decisions: Have the power to decide courses of action • Respect: Having other people think highly of me and hold me in good esteem • Leadership: Be in a position to influence the attitudes or opinions of other people • Knowledge: Understanding gained through study and/or experience • Work Mastery: Become an expert in whatever work I do • Peace: Living in a peaceful, harmonious society and environment • Creativity: Have the opportunity to create new things, ideas, products, works of art • Freedom: Being able to do or say what I want. • Good Character: Knowing inside that I do the right, moral, just thing • Loyalty: Sticking with people who are close to me and/or believe what I do • Justice: Being fair and just and having others treat me fairly and justly • Stability: Have a routine and duties that are largely predictable • Safety: Be assured of being safe and free from harm • Recognition: Be publicly recognized • Children: Having happy, healthy children • Excitement: Experience a high degree of (or frequent) excitement • Adventure: Have duties which require frequent risk-taking • Power: Having authority over others • Economic Security: Having enough money to buy whatever I want. • Leisure: Having time for hobbies, sports, other activities • Inner harmony: Being at peace with one’s self • Wealth: Profit, gain, making a lot of money • Trustworthiness: Having people trust me and being able to trust them • Challenge: Do activities that use my physical and/or mental capabilities • Independence: Be able to determine the nature of my day without significant direction from others • Change and Variety: Varied, frequently changing responsibilities and settings • Moral Fulfilment: Feel that whatever I do contribute to a set of moral standards which I feel are very important • Community: Being a part of a close and supportive community • Caring: Experiencing love and affection daily • Health: Being free from disease or sickness, feeling good physically • Religion/Spirituality: Doing what’s right according to my religious and/or spiritual beliefs • Family: Making sure my family members are healthy and safe • Friendship: Having good, reliable friends I can count on

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